Testing this Jekyll and github stuff

Posted 2016-10-19

Alright. I am not really sure where I am going to take this, but I now have a static blog here. I might move my existing blog over or I might keep this blog limited to stuff related to my mediocre programming stuff, mostly around ESP8266, Home Automation, MQTT, Node-Red etc.

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#MyOpenHA Part 1 -Philosophy

Posted 2016-08-28

Home Automation. The holy hipster and geek grail. I have played with it. I have tried. I have failed. But today I am proud to have a solution I can truly endorse. So join me on this journey. This series will explain my solution, in excruciating detail. In the hope that I can learn from you while I am explaining. This series will be filled over time with more and more articles. But now, let’s talk about philosophy. The Why. Soon you will see the What and How. One promise, or the TL;DR: It is all 100% Open Source.

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Thank you, Tesla Motors For The Patents, but …

Posted 2014-06-13

Here’s the thing. Elon Musk doesn’t trust the patent system to protect his inventions. So instead of filing for more, he will simply not file at all and keep his inventions secret. The stuff that already got patented thus is already considered lost by him so it is safe to “open source” them all.

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Just a thought

Posted 2014-06-02

I don’t fear the bugs that get fixed (in OpenSSL and now GnuTLS) in an open, transparent way we open source people do. I fear the bugs in proprietary stuff where I can never be sure if they get fixed and how. 

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Paper task management – the Corbinizer as A4

Posted 2014-01-28

I have always been struggling with task management. Always. And will always do. I have tried a lot of things, paper based, digital (starting on my Apple Newton, over to the Palm III, V, various mobile phones, Blackberry and now iPhone and Android.

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6 things to know about patents, the short form.

Posted 2012-09-11

Basic Patent Knowledge #0: The patent system has a long history. It’s fundamental task is to incentivize sharing of knowledge. Not protection of the innovator as many people assume. It is a deal with society. In exchange for full disclosure of your invention, you get a limited monopoly (20 years typically) to exploit your invention commercially. After the 20 years your knowledge enters the public domain.

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Bettina Wulff schmeckt lecker nach Hähnchen -For the Lulz

Posted 2012-09-11

This is a blog entry that you can safely ignore. The background story is quite interesting. Wife of former german Bundespräsident sues Google for adding keywords to the search bar when typing her name. There were (wrong) rumours of her having been an escort girl etc.

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Slic3r on RHEL6, 64 bit – HOWTO

Posted 2012-08-27

As one of my hobbies is 3D printing, I have built an eMaker Huxley 3D printer last year. It is fun, teaches me a lot and I try to keep the setup up2date. So recently I upgraded the Sanguinololu to use a 1284P CPU and put Marlin on it. I added a LCD Display and a rotary encoder so it now runs completely standalone.

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Closing remarks on FOSSpatents

Posted 2012-04-19

Florian Müller (or Mueller when he is quoted in english articles), a self-acclaimed “expert” on software patents and nowadays quite a mouthpiece for FRAND licensing, has always been someone I had a love-hate relationship with. We fought together against software patents in the 2003-2005 years. And while he lost interest and left the stage with a loud announcement that he will never ever work on software patents again, decided to switch to soccer lobbying etc, I was hired by Red Hat, which was (and is) a dream come true and I continued my fight against “IP”-extremism.

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Apple v Samsung in EU – some thoughts, but IANAL

Posted 2011-08-10

So the text of Apples complaint filed at a german court is available (I won’t link to it as I do not wish to promote the person that posted it) and after reading it, I noticed a few oddities worth checking. Note that the text of the injunction itself is not available ATM.

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Idea: Better architecture for computers

Posted 2011-08-10

SSDs that disguise as hard drives make no sense IMHO. A cool architecture would have temporary storage (RAM) and stable storage (Flash) on the same bus. Imagine what that would mean. No more stupid copying of (read-only) libraries from SSD to RAM, instantiate them directly from where they are. Such a mixed architecture would be a radical memory saver. #justsayin and now go, patent it someone, this post is prior art.

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Dear Queen Beatrix,

Posted 2011-04-05

UPDATE 2 Rop Gonggrijp blogs, mentions this petition here. Explains there is no extradition request ATM and urges all to tone down.

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Strange messages on #egypt mobile networks – needs investigation

Posted 2011-02-02

EXEC SUMMARY: Vodafone and Etisalat networks transport government scripted messages supporting Mubarak. These messages are not normal SMS. Seemingly they are so-called Premium-Rate Short Messages that are submitted by companies on behalf of their customer/users to multiple recipients. At the same time normal SMS in Egypt are blocked, so people in Egypt cannot send SMS themselves.

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WRT killjulianassange.com, killassange.com and godaddy

Posted 2011-01-10

[UPDATE 2011-01-13 12:30 CET Trying to get at the domain owner of killassnge.com via domainsbyproxy in seperate post]

[UPDATE 2011-01-12 18:20 CET: killassange.com seems to have no DNS entry ATM, therefore not resolving. Success?]

[UPDATE 2011-01-11 21:54 CET: killassange.com and killjulianassange.com both up and running, no reply from godaddy so far]

[UPDATE 2011-01-11 11:44 CET: Seems the domain julianassangemustdie.com has been deleted by its owner. See Godaddy WHOIS entry]

[UPDATE 2011-01-11 11:33 CET: Seems killjulianassange is down ATM. Could be simple change though.]

[UPDATE: I send an updated mail with the doamin julianassangemustdie.com added and clarified some aspects. New version reproduced here, old version archived in this same post.

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PRR – Privacy Respecting Router a #freedentity idea

Posted 2011-01-08

In the next few weeks I will outline more parts of something we (a few friends of me) are calling FreeDentity. That’s why I have added a category and a tag to my posts with the same name. So stay tuned for the philosophy, while in this post I talk about a project idea that actually implements that philosophy.

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Congressional Research Service on wikileaks and prosecution #mustread

Posted 2010-12-14

Here is a very interesting document titled “Criminal Prohibitions on the Publication of Classified Defense Information” by Jennifer K. Elsea, Legislative Attorney from October 18, 2010. It gives you insight into how the US is struggling to find ways to prosecute Julian Assange for leaking documents. The summary says it all:

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#possesa day 3 – let me fix your Ubuntu, Michael

Posted 2010-10-07

Day 3 of POSSE is where the actual nwork in Open Source communities takes the front of the stage. So we discussed which projects to pick on, what to do. This lead to a more general discussion on South Africa and Open Source. What can we do, what is needed? We captured everything in a nice looking whiteboard – a true collaborative work!

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Facebook and education – my idea

Posted 2010-08-30

How about this: History teachres, students across the world can “adopt” a Facebook account that represents a historical person. These historical persons have friends from their time, reflecting the connections they had. Status updates give historically correct information.

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Open Standards – redefined?

Posted 2010-03-16

For years and years I am using and promoting the term Open Standards. And it has always been very clear what an Open Standard is and, more important, what it is not.

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The dutch ACTA leak – rough translation

Posted 2010-02-25

Original dutch source is here. I hunted it through google translate and cleaned up some of the translation mistakes. As I am a native dutch, I do know what I am correcting. However – this is NOT an official translation of any kind. My comments are marked in [ ].

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Posted 2010-02-04

Lots of comments on my last blog entry. Let me make some points clear before you all turn the flamewar to full force.

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Google on Open – mixed feelings

Posted 2009-12-22

So Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Product Management, teaches us all on his understanding of “open” in various fields in this article over at the official Google Blog. I gather that he reflects a sort of canonical defintion that somehow is used or should be used inside Google.

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The .NET Micro stuff – Where’s the beef? [updated]

Posted 2009-11-17

So I guess I was a bit too carried away in my previous post by assuming that the .NET Micro Framework is really something big. After doing my research, let me focus a bit more on the product itself and its importance to Microsoft.

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Cool stuff: JBoss Developer Studio 2.0

Posted 2009-03-24

Red Hat has released the new JBoss Developer studio. Find more details here and here. Why do I think this is important? Well – first of all I am proud of the company I work for and I am proud of the products we release.

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Sunday Wrapup

Posted 2009-03-22

I will try every sunday to wrap up the topics that kept me busy over the last week. Sort of like a braindump to make sure I capture those loose ends that otherwise get lost.

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